Creating Amazing Female & Male Mannequins

Can I use a mannequin as a dress form? Dress forms are actually a type of mannequin used for fashion design. Built tough, they're made to withstand needles, pins, and scissors. They're also made with a specific body measurement in mind. What is a mannequin without a head called? Headless Mannequins. Headless mannequins are perfect for stores that have a limited height of the ceiling. They are crafted from fiberglass and come in different shapes, sizes, poses, colors and finishes but all are beautifully crafted.  Are mannequins creepy? Mannequins are creepy in general because they're supposed to look like human; this makes them even closer to being human without being human." Cliff Nass, a Stanford professor who specializes in human-machine interaction: "Traditionally, cameras were in stores not to identify customers but to prevent theft.

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